Brandchannel’s Brandjunkie Awards: halo effect of Apple and other brands

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Brandchannel has announced the results of the 2009 Brandjunkie Awards. Brands are rated on retail environment, packaging, their ability to inspire and so on. Not surprisingly, Apple has come out tops on: the most inspiring brand, best to rebound from a crisis, best retail environment, the most controversial and the most innovative and enticing packaging for its products. Given the flak it takes from Apple haters who think the brand is all about expensive, good looking products and that a similar product can be ‘had for much less’, it is remarkable. If done in India, the results wouldn’t be the same of course.

Wonder which brands would figure in the top 5 on the same parameters as the research, if it were done in India? I would imagine there would be a regional skew but it will be fun to know. If I were to hazard a guess:

What was the most inspiring brand?: Vodafone, Google
Which brand was the most controversial?: Satyam, Tata Nano
Which brand provided the best retail environment?: Barista
Which brand was best able to rebound from a crisis?: Tata Nano
Which celebrity had the best relationship with a brand?: Aamir Khan-Tata Sky

Would you agree with the above? Care to add some more questions from the survey and the possible answers from India?

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