Hero MotoCorp: hum mein hai montage

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A montage of visuals – people smiling, working, climbing mountains. A soul-stirring jingle. These are the two ingredients of most corporate ads across the globe. Especially for large companies that make a diverse set of products.

Hero Motocorp has taken that route too, with their new ‘Hum main hai Hero‘ campaign. And there’s a new logo too (which I quite liked). The new positioning – ‘there’s a ‘Hero’ in all of us’ seems logical in hindsight, given the brand name.

Even though the creative execution has been done before, the ad is likely to be popular. The sheer visibility and A R Rahman-composed jingle (isn’t he beginning to sound the same across all jingles now?) should help. Apart from that the ‘Hum main hai Hero‘ comes at a time when India is creating and looking up to ‘heroes’ from simple backgrounds – be it in politics or TV shows.

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  1. I think they missed a much bigger social issue with the campaign. Imagine what it could have been if it had invoked the Hero in every Indian. Rather its a bland dish dash and new rehash of Hamara Bajaj. I heard a small town Hero Honda biker say "looks like a sarkari ad". He didnt like the 'song' too.
    Just look at Mahindra Rise. Awesome

    • Thanks, Naresh. I agree that Rise took the campaign idea to a different level. Have written my 2-bits on that too!

  2. am doing a story on how kids are becoming very central to ads, and often ads, wherein the products have little to do with the child. A case in point the hum main hai hero ad…. what do you think of this trend of creatives moving away from celebs to the happy world of kids? Thanks much, purba dutt from the times of india

  3. The stereotype national integration jingles where they show the four corners of the country never fails to deliver right?!

    The tried and tested formula of a South Indian, North Easterner (Haven't seen a North Easterner on TV though they show Tibetians and Nepalis as "us") ), Kashmiri and Tamilian representing the four regions and dancing to some 'happy go around' jingles seem to always sell…Hhhmmm.

    I'm glad they're shifting gears to showing everyday average Joes from the streets or from different walks of life and making 'heroes' out of them.

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