Kia Features Film, Bird Brain Energy and more: creative ads of the week

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In this week’s compilation of creative ads, a Hollywood-like film from Kia Motors, an irreverent take on energy drinks and more.

Kia Motors: Features Film

In a film which is reminiscent of the famous BMW’s film series ‘The Hire’ from early 2000s, Kia Motors has released a range film executed like the typical Hollywood gangster getaway films. And when a getaway is involved can car chases be far behind? Not one, but eight Kia models are showcased in a fairly riveting, slick production. Various features such as remote start, mood lighting, smart trunk, remote climate control, lane keeping assist and blind-spot collision-avoidance assist are cleverly highlighted. Such films are made-for-YouTube and usually garner millions of views thanks to the entertainment quotient in a high involvement category.

Agency: David & Goliath

Bird Brain Energy: brain farts

I’ve heard of brain freeze but looks like ‘brain fart’ is the variation of the same, as interpreted by Bird Brain Energy which is an energy drink ‘specially formulated to enhance cognitive function, improve focus and boost motivation’. Instead of the high adrenaline, montage of sports visuals which is common in the category the irreverent humour is a clutter-breaker.

Agency: HellHorse

Virgin Hotels: a break from the pandemic

Here’s a campaign that is guaranteed to evoke a sigh of recognition from all of us. Thanks to the extended lockdowns, all of us are yearning for some creature comforts, solitude and a break from the chores we are all used to over the last few months. A tongue-in-cheek campaign for Virgin Hotels in the US has created a series of spots including, ‘Let Virgin Hotels Make Up For Your Cancelled Vacation‘ and ‘Let Virgin Hotels Save Your Marriage‘. Here are a couple more from the series.

Agency: Joan Creative

Tesco Mobile: extra

In the telecom category, offering ‘extra benefits’ is a common tactic. In a new film for Tesco Mobile in the UK, the benefits of shopping vouchers from the Tesco stores are highlighted visually as if they were part of the packaging of the handset.

Agency: BBH

Thai Health Promotion Foundation: Drunken Master

The best of advertising from Thailand have some common streaks: they are rooted in local culture and language (aided by the benefit of having to think and execute in only one language, unlike India) and have bizarre, often over-the-top humour as part of the plot. The production values too are top class, even with the emotionally charged ones – the ads which make you go all teary eyed. Here’s an ad to educate people about the ills of drinking treated with humour. I am not sure how effective this will be in terms of changing behaviour (I am all for the approach taken by TAC in Australia) – but it is certainly clutter breaking.

Agency: Leo Burnett

Perfetti India: spreading smiles

Advertising anchored on situations triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic have taken many routes. Here’s a simple, subtle one which makes no reference to the virus but conveys the constraints it has brought and offers hope for better days.

Agency: Ogilvy

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