Cadbury 5 Star : lost in taste, literally

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Much PR in the media about the new surround campaign for Cadbury 5 Star. The TVC continues with the ‘Lost in the taste of 5 Star’ story. This time around, the idea is ‘taken forward’ by telling consumers that those who are lost in the taste of 5 Star, should be helped and not taken advantage of.

The radio spots have may have merits on their own – realistic voices, for one, but the whole campaign leaves me cold. In the last year’s TVC, where people literally disappear, there was some zany visual humour. While I can see the leap in ‘lost in taste – therefore needs help’, it came across as a bit too stretched and focused on some talking heads in the TVC.

I also feel that this literal translation business (lost in the taste translated as literally getting lost) is a bit over done. I remember seeing a print campaign for a fashion brand with the tagline ‘Dressed to kill’. It shows people in various situations being distracted by the looks of the protagonist – distracted enough to put their life in danger. In one ad, a guy pops his head out of the train to take a look at our girl – as the train is about to enter a tunnel. There are others like Anne French who have visually shown what it means to have a ‘smooth as silk’ skin. Something similar was tried for Ceat’s name change campaign, where ‘Change is round the corner’ was depicted literally. McDonalds India did it with their ‘pet mein choohe daud rahe hain’ bit. There was also this classic ad for Penn tennis balls where a bunch of white coats conduct a test.

This approach works if it evokes a smile. Are you lost in the taste of 5 Star or would you care to comment?

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