Samsung Galaxy ‘Join the flip side’, Wyoming Department of Health and other top creative ads

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Ads which break through clutter of information overload and other messages vying for one’s attention need to be applauded. Because getting noticed is the first and most important task of any ad. If ignored, it’s a fate worse than being seen and disliked. My weekly compilation of creative ads (aside from my occasional views on the business of advertising) is a small tribute to brand teams & agencies everywhere. Here are my picks form the past week or so:

Ocado: Inspired Choices

We’ve all seen jokes and pop culture references to ‘those who bought this also bought…’ made popular by Amazon. Such initiatives play on our psychology and improve the chances of more items being added to the shopping cart. A new ad from UK retailer Ocado, has a refreshing take on it as it shows a bunch of people being ‘inspired’ by what they see & hear to add items to the shopping basket through an app. What works are the seemingly unconnected items being added with a touch of humour – as seen in the sequence triggering the purchase of waffles.

Agency: St. Luke’s

Yorkshire Tea: pack yer bags

What jingles used to be for radios back in the day, music videos are for the digital world. A new spot for Yorkshire Tea is timed for travel season in the UK and pitches the brand as an essential item to pack. In a fun spot with some great lyrics, the brand takes centre stage at every stage of the travel. Sample this:

“Let’s get out of here, vamos. This club is Señor Ramos.” Outside mine she says with a wink: “You wanna come mine for a beverage drink?” “Do you have protection?” This kettle has an internal fuse if that’s what you mean?” “Err… no?”

Agency: Lucky Generals

Samsung Galaxy: join the flip side

Samsung is back with Season 2 of its ‘Join the flip side‘ campaign. It’s an attempt to get iPhone users to switch over to Samsung. A new fun spot, parodies the popular teen horror movie trope – as protagonists are warned not to look at the flip phone as it will ‘possess’ you. Features like ‘great for group shots’ are thrown in but overall the button being pressed is the ‘irrational love’ for the flip phone. It’s an amusing guaranteed to be shared widely on social media. But will it trigger a switch in droves? I doubt it. Even as recent as May 2023, a report said that Android users switching to iPhone was at a 5-year high in the US.

Agency: W+K

Wyoming: hairy time

Apparently, ‘Wyoming was already one of the least vaccinated states in the US. Then the controversy generated by Covid-19 had a devastating effect on the vaccination rates across adult and childhood diseases.’ A spot released recently uses humour effectively to drive home the need for vaccination. As the LinkedIn post from the agency says ‘Most advertising isn’t exactly saving lives, but this just might be the exception‘.

Agency: Sukle

Deutsche Telekom: Sharenting

I wish social media users would stop sharing pictures & videos of their children on those platforms. But when we have reality shows on popular TV channels featuring children – some dancing & singing to totally age-inappropriate content, what hope do we have? It requires a severe jolt to parents and this ad – staged like a social experiment, does that to an extent.

By carelessly sharing children’s images online, guardians’ risk unintentionally exposing children to profiling by data brokers, hacking, facial recognition, pedophilia and other threats to privacy and security.


Agency: adam&eveBERLIN & DDB Germany

Mission Impossible: social media post

I wasn’t sure if this was a commissioned ad on user-generated content. Nevertheless, it demonstrates how tough it is for brands to break through the clutter on social media – which is full of creative content.

KBC 15: official promo

The promo films for IPL and KBC have their own fan following in India. A new ad for the latest season of KBC has Amitabh Bachchan reflecting on the changing world – how remote working has forced us to adapt to new work, the opportunities offered by the digital world and the infrastructure changes around us. Such a montage of situations, delivered with powerful commentary and voice of the protagonist is sure to strike a chord among many.

The Fork: you are all set

Would you go skiing without checking the weather? Or travel without researching on where your hotel is? These could lead to embarrassments just as booking a restaurant without using The Fork app – claims this ad. The pitfalls of not using a service or product is often exaggerated and works in this case.

Agency: Droga5, London

Which one was your favourite? Do comment in.

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