Seen and noted: Dixons UK – the first thing you must read now

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A new poster campaign for the UK e-retailer, Dixons is making the rounds of UK ad blogs. It plays on a simple insight – that many of us love to visit fashionable stores, soak in the ambience, enjoy the service, gather facts about a particular product…only to buy it elsewhere if it’s cheaper. The online stores are a great bargain that way – I too have realized that online stores like Indiaplaza, J J Mehta or even the online stores of brick & mortar outlets like G K Vale have cameras selling cheaper online. The Dixons campaign, created by M&C Saatchi, is superbly written and art directed.


Interestingly, other agency blogs including that of W+K, London have written about it. I particularly liked the tagline: the last place you want to go. Very clever. Very British. Envious stuff.

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