Will the real Bajaj Discover positioning please stand up?

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Apparently, the newly launched Bajaj Discover DTS-Si has sold over 100,000 units in the first 50 days of launch – a record of sorts. What seems to have worked? I am not a bike aficionado but my gut tells me it is do with this utilitarian appeal of better mileage. The creative execution – discovery of interesting places at a 100km milepost – is off the beaten track. It is likely to appeal to hardcore bikers, though it’s appeal to your average accountant who has to commute between home and office is anybody’s guess. Watch the TVC’s – Vedic Village, Jamboor and Magnetic Hill.


The creative idea lends itself very well to the online platform, activation programmes and so on. On the website, a glimpse of some more interesting places are given. Couldn’t help thinking that the idea had more potential than that in the digital medium. How about a bunch of bikers visiting such places and blogging, tweeting real time? Wouldn’t that – a mega road trip of sorts – have been more fun?

But the most vivid imagery in my head of Bajaj Discover is the Jackie Chan ad – where he swoons over the bike based on it’s looks. That route was quickly abandoned for another powerful imagery – that of petrol tubes chasing a biker. The new ads may not have that kind of powerful imagery and an execution that is slightly esoteric, but the ‘great value with great mileage’ positioning seems to have touched the right chords.

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  1. What a nice idea!..Disocvering unique places at 100 Kms..Loved your idea of having bikers visit those places and blogging/tweeting their own experiences..Nowdays Discovery T&L and Nat Geo dedicate entire weeks on India..I think Bajaj Discover can create their own show on these channels on the places they have mentioned..They can even be a part of the Incredible India series..I mean its so extendable..I am sure given an opportunity a lot of consumers will help the Disocver team to add interesting places to the list..:)

  2. I have seen the adverts, which in itself says a lot because I usually just tune the bike ads out. The concept is cute, though the execution could have been better (it took me a while to figure out the Magnetic Hill one).

    BTW, how come nobody’s noticed the misspelling of Pink Floyd in the print ad you’ve posted?

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