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Havells ads: the power of simplicity

Among the recent crop of ads, the one highlighting the savings potential of Havells CFL bulbs is a stand out. No complicated computer graphics, no major plots, yet so watchable. The simple idea of ‘you are a bulb, if you waste’ makes it memorable. The claim ain’t new – others in the category too have said this – but the creative execution and the audio burr of ‘bulb’ makes it so distinct.

By the way, Havells India would surely qualify as the Client of the Year simply because of the bold ideas that it backs, consistently. Shock Laga, the fie-proof cable ad, ‘recession shock‘, Bijli and ‘Rinpoche‘ have all managed to grab attention and create buzz. Even the ad for Crabtree, a Havells Group company stood out thanks to it’s simplicity of message and casting.

Apart from the ‘Bulb’ ad, there is another series of ads for Havells Fans which offers a stretched analogy: while the ‘uperwala‘ may not be able to save you, this ‘uperwala‘ (the fan) surely will. The analogy works only in Hindi and I doubt if it will have the same effect down South. But kudos to the client and the agency for being so consistent and staying focused on a single idea always.


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