Of Goafest and lack of bloggers

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I am one among the unfortunate lot who did not visit the Goafest’08. Sour grapes aside, I could not help notice the total lack of blogging activity from the participants. Maybe I missed them, but apart from Manish of Indiadrant, I did not come across anything in terms of regular updates via blogs. Maybe its just because its Goa. I mean, who in their right minds would give up the sun, sands and beer to tap away at a keyboard? Contrast this with other events like Macworld and the World Economic Forum at Davos. The former has several Mac enthusiasts blogging minute by minute on the event. The last Forum at Davos even had Martin Sorrell (never one to miss a good PR opportunity!) blogging for The Telegraph. It’s a pity that events like Goafest have so little of blogging. Not surprising given the entire industry’s lukewarm attitude to blogging in general, eh?

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  1. not surprising at all, esp considering the location:)… though agencyfaqs does a decent job of it… but yes, individual perspectives would def be interesting… meanwhile, the industry itself does have quite a few bloggers, though most have personal blogs, where a Goa Fest might be out of context….

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