Luxor and the Goafest hooha

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When its advertising awards, can controversy be far behind? In typical Times Group style, the furore over the Luxor ads hit the front pages. The ad which won a Grand Prix for Leo Burnett is actually a client of Lowe. The ad was released through an approval process from the Luxor marketing head who is no longer with the company. The report actually clarifies that the entry was legit, but ends with a quote from Madhukar Kamath that ‘the matter would have to be investigated’. Hmm, call Inspector Morse? If the ‘client’ approved the ad, I don’t see the need for the controversy. That aside, I think this is a borderline case of scam. Was the ad developed to address a real business problem? I doubt it, though I am willing to be corrected.

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  1. The ad was good. really good.

    But it was a scam all the way.

    From being a one off, to being published in a small town newspapper, to the MD not knowing of the ad being commisioned, to Burnett not even being their agency, to their officially claiming that campaign was “approved and released during the period December 2007.” ( Remember December Advertising, to……

    I mean i could go on and on….

    Kya ho raha hai yeh yaar…..

  2. The ad industry is paying lip service to the problem of scam ads cornering the glory at Awards. As an aside, I was surprised that Bingo! did not capture the headlines at Goafest. The Bingo! team deserved kudos for addressing a real marketing problem for a real brand in a creative way. If only scam gets get you metals then it teaches the youngsters the wrong values and makes them devote unduly large amount of time & energy on them. By the way, did Bingo! win anything?

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