Shopper habits on mobile – the next big thing in retail

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Mobify has released an interesting infographic pertaining to online shopping traffic through mobile devices. 200 million shoppers on mobile commerce websites were analysed to see which nation shops the most on the go. Australia leads the pack with 47% of shopping traffic happening through mobile devices. In India, its 9%. Shoppers were also surveyed on usage of smartphones vs. tablets for such mobile driven online purchase – in India, 40% of those bought from a smartphone & 19% via a tablet. The individual country samples could be small, but the trend is indicative of mobile devices playing a role in online shopping.


A large portion of the mobile commerce traffic comes from iOS devices in Russia, Australia and Mexico. China features in the Top 10 of that list and not surprisingly, only 18% of such traffic comes from iOS devices in India.

With smartphones & tablets getting more popular and the mobile platforms getting slicker, it augurs well for mobile e-commerce, I guess. In the UK, stores like ASDA even offer grocery shopping on mobile devices through apps for the iOS and Android platforms. Sainsbury trialled Mobile Scan & Go for a select set of customers allowing them to pay at the till without unloading their shopping bags.

In India, will brands seize the trend? Is mobile even being considered in the marketing strategy? Agreed that ‘going mobile’ is a must for certain categories like retail. For most others, it may not be central to their ATL-driven marketing strategies but engagement through mobile devices can happen if planned well. Google took the initiative urging businesses to optimise their mobile presence, as a first step. Brands like BookMyShow have made a start. Will big retail follow?


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