18 great MAD magazine spoof advertisements

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MAD Magazine was one of a kind. It was known for its unique brand of satire on all aspects of popular culture and wielded great influence for several decades. Its publisher William M Gaines refused to accept any form of advertising in the magazine and resorted to spoofing popular ads of the day.

Here are 18 such examples. Most of them are from this wonderful collection at Flickr, while a few of them are from my personal collection of MAD magazines.

spring-91 oct-61 march-1964 mar-94 june-62 june-61 july-1965 july-1958 july-63 jan-1965 jan-71 jan-60 dec-1959 dec-58 april-1964 apr-97 apr-61

They were particularly severe on Big Tobacco. The magazine has a blog and an iPad version now but the magic of the vintage issues can perhaps never come back.

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