Old Spice Hair & Body Wash: right for me!

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Weiden & Kennedy have developed this TVC for Procter & Gamble’s Old Spice Hair & Body Wash. It’s premise is a simple question: Is it right for me? I thought it was brilliant given a descriptor like ‘Hair & Body Wash’ – I guess do wonder if its a shampoo or a body wash? The TV effort is matched by an equally amusing online effort. You are asked to use the hair mound to ‘accurately depict your current hair situation’. And then after an analysis, your profile and advice is available. Needless to say, you are recommended Ol Spice any which way.

The effort is to amuse and is reflected even in their FAQ:

Q: Is Old Spice Hair and Body Wash for me?
A: If you have hair and/or body, then yes, Old Spice Hair and Body Wash is right for you

Doesn’t it make you wonder how a simple, uncomplicated idea can hold consumer interest? We spend hours on end brainstorming about an often non-existent ‘real’ consumer benefit. In this category it is usually about cliches like confidence, freshness and attraction. And hope like hell that the creative execution has ‘clutter break through’. Pointer for me:

– don’t over analyze consumer’s interaction with the category and advertising. It’s after all a soap or a shampoo and advertising. There are other things to worry about in life
– when there’s no real benefit, don’t try to invent one. Focus on creating affinity through a good product and a unique personality. Be honest.

In this case, what is the consumer benefit? Does this work? Why? Any thoughts?

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