40 of the best Harvey Nichols print ads

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Harvey Nichols has consistently produced great work over the years. Both DDB, London and Y&R, Dubai have come up with great concepts executed beautifully. The campaigns usually cover these areas: theme ads for the brand, campaigns introducing new collections, ads announcing the Harvey Nichols sale and those which highlight specialist sections at the store.

The theme ads dramatize the idea that Harvey Nichols are not just extremely desirable but are epitome of fashion. The common creative executions are:

-you will be willing to go to great lengths, even suffering to acquire a Harvey Nichols product. They also cue the expensive (hence, exclusive) nature of the brand

– it makes a fantastic fashion statement and hence evokes envy among others

Here are a select few:

9 11 10 8 7 6 5 3 2 1

The ads focusing on the seasonal collection take forward the idea of envy the brand evokes. In a particularly striking campaign, Y&R, Dubai took a lateral leap. The campaign dramatized the ‘steps taken’ by those who bought a Harvey Nichols in order to ward off jealous people.

HN Air Horn HN Sickness HN Defib HN Eye HN Stain Remover HN Pepper Spray HN Towels HN Self Defence HN Smelling Salts HN Trazer

And then there are the ‘literal’ interpretations.

Harvey_Nichols_The_Reaction_Collection_Googly_Eyes_Street_ibelieveinadv Harvey_Nichols_The_Reaction_Collection_Hotel_Entrance_Googly_Eyes_ibelieveinadv Harvey_Nichols_The_Reaction_Collection_Restaurant_Googly_Eyes_ibelieveinadv

The sale ads are perhaps the most talked about and usually bring about a smile. They humorously showcase the extent to which consumers fight for the merchandise.

1 2 3 AWARDS_PROOFS_HN_P02179.indd AWARDS_PROOFS_HN_P02179.indd 6 7 8 . . . . . HN Fight HN Fight 16

The communication supported by some equally dramatic television ads, store opening ads go a long way in imbuing the brand image with desirability.

Images sourced from: Ads of the World and I Believe in Advertising.

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