Honda: difficult is worth doing

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Honda has just released a series of teasers which end with a URL – Difficult is Worth and have no Honda branding.

Nothing new about teasers, you say? The teasers are meant to create interest about a new ad campaign to be released in June! Each of the teasers talk about the difficulty and skills required in forming a large skydiving formation. That gives a clue to the likely theme of the ad.

The ads link to a blog, which claims to ‘chart the making of Honda’s latest commercial, giving a behind the scenes insight into the challenges that face a team of skydivers and some ad makers who are attempting to film some of the most complicated skydive formations ever attempted for the camera’.

The crew includes a stunt coordinator who has worked on almost all the James Bond films and comprises 45 world class free fall skydivers. Talk about a mega production.

The strategy seems to arouse interest and buzz ahead of the actual release of the ad. Given Honda’s past record with Impossible Dream, Change Something, Cog and Choir, it will not be a surprise if this too is a big hit.

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