Creative inspiration and George Bush

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Came across this interesting post here about George Bush being the subject of so many campaigns across the world. He has been used as a subject for food products, publications, NGOs and board games. Couple of my favourites are here:

What is about him that attracts attention? I guess his perception of bumbling, accidental leader prevails even today. His misquotes, misspellings and Bushisms do not help the PR cause either. His actions evoke intense debate. Some of the ideas are stretched (like the one for Smart car), some downright offensive. My favourite is here:



Marmite as a brand evokes intense reaction, like Bush. The entire campaign (coinciding with 100-years of Marmite) including the TVC’s, were about either loving it or hating it. The comedy shows abroad (like Jay Leno, David Letterman) regularly feature political figures; in India the laughter shows too poke fun at our leaders. Can you imagine a campaign in India where political figures are trashed like this?  The least we have witnessed is spoofing Lalu’s voice in advertising. Anything more and we will cause riots, eh?

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