Bhatnaturally featured in Alltop: miracles do happen

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Time for a bit of crowing: this blog is featured on Alltop. If you haven’t heard of Alltop already – it is a content aggregator about all the topics on the web. Mine is featured in the Branding section of Alltop.

It is the brain child of Guy Kawasaki, one of the original Apple employees. He is also the author of several books including The Macintosh Way and The Art of the Start. Alltop is a great way to stay up to date on topics that interest you – from Branding to Needlecraft. Wondering if I should request them to shift my blog to Branding? Anyway, thanks Alltop!

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  1. Congratulations ! I am sure this would be equivalent to winning a gold at the Olympics. Did not know Alltop was initiated by Guy Kawasaki. One thing I know for sure about him-is the 10/20/30 principle . Well this on the art of delivering a ppt. A ppt should contain 10- slides, be 20- minutes long and have a font size of 30 . Wonder whether we ever follow this !

    Might be digressing here, nonetheless enjoy the moment bhatnaturally !

  2. Congrats Mr.Bhat. This pot of advertising and branding rants is moving steadily towards the top. All the best!

  3. BUT-Naturally!! Congrats!!..And yeah, i think you should request them to shift your blog to branding.

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