Skittles, Emirates, Audi & more: 6 top creative ads of the week

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While I try to make a compilation of smart creative ideas I come across every week, one doesn’t always get rich pickings. There are weeks when I don’t really come across remarkable ads. Last week was one such and so I missed my weekly roundup. This week, I came across a few good creative ads and here are some I’d like to share:

1. Skittles: Super Bowl

Over the years, the Super Bowl has become as much an advertising event as a sporting event. The effort and the emphasis is on being talked about in mass media (not just social media) much before the actual event. As a consequence brands are under pressure to create ‘events’ around their Super Bowl ads so that the mileage lasts for a longer period beyond just a 30-second or 1-minute ad. This year Skittles has rolled out an ad which is so exclusive, it will be seen only by one single person – a teenager. The world will only be able to see his reaction to the ad via a livestream on Skittles’ Facebook page. The event has already caught the attention of media which could create curiosity for the ad itself. Here is a case study video:

Agency: DDB

2. #7HourMarathon

Milin Soman is a well-known model and fitness enthusiast in India. He has a passion for running and is quite popular in social media too. His tweet a few days ago caught the attention of the Twitter world:

A day later it was revealed that the reference was to a 7-hour sleep in the context of good sleeping habits. All this was part of a brand campaign for Duroflex, a mattress brand.

Agency: happy mcgarrybowen

I liked the campaign for two reasons: smart use of Twitter and highlighting a relevant cause. In India, brands have largely used Twitter by obsessing over trends and often buying their way through to the top trend. ‘Trending’ by itself became a goal – brand relevance be damned. Being overworked or giving up on sleep to binge watch digital content – are often worn as a badge. The attempt to highlight the importance of good rest is welcome.

3. Naukri

Many years ago, was made famous through the ‘Hari Sadu‘ ad, created by FCB Ulka, which was anchored on the powerful, universal insight that ‘people don’t quit their jobs, but quit their bosses’. Over the years, the brand has been relatively quiet in media and a lot has changed. In today’s world where job tenures are getting shorter and several new careers are opening up, I wonder if bad boss can still be a trigger for job seeking. I guess youth are motivated by the role, the kind of company or the domain they work on and so on. In that context, ‘find a job you love’ seems like a message which will strike a chord among job seekers.

Agency: JWT

4. Emirates: upgrade your airline

For a long time, Emirates used to run slightly esoteric campaigns – ‘Keep Discovering’ and ‘Hello Tomorrow’. Such ‘higher order’ pitches have their role in brand communication; Nike, for example is not just about a pair of sneakers but a whole lot more conveyed through ‘Just Do It’. Apple’s famous ‘Think Different’ ad went beyond selling technical specs of a computer. In this context, it is interesting to see the new ‘Upgrade to Emirates’ campaign which positions their Economy Class as a better way to travel.

Agency: Y&R, London

5. Pictionary: fish

I came across this fun ad for Pictionary last week which highlights a unique aspect of the game: ‘it is even more fun when you don’t get it right’.

Agency: Lola Mullen Lowe

6. Audi UK

Most commonly advertised categories – cars, food etc., have a category code. No tea advert is complete without a consumption shot and a satisfied ‘Mmmm!’ expression after that (usually with eyes closed). Most ads for cookies have the mandatory ingredient shot…and so on. In this advert for an automobile brand the viewer is given an indication of its power without a single visual of it zooming on a highway or race track. Loved it.

Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty London

Which one was your favourite? Comment in.

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