10 print and outdoor winners from #CannesLions 2017

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News from Cannes Lions dominates the advertising world this time of the year. While ‘digital’ driven ideas get their fair share of attention I always look out for the traditional print and outdoor creatives which stand out. Here are a few which caught my eye in the Print and Outdoor categories (in no particular order):

1. AXA Health Insurance

Nice combination of a headline which stops you on your tracks and a reveal which brings a smile. 

Agency: Publicis Conseil

2. Twitter

Hashtag culture is part of our lives – even outside of Twitter, which started the trend. This campaign captures the power of the medium as an intrinsic part of social discourse. 

Twitter Outdoor

Agency: In-house

3. Kiwi shoe polish

A clever campaign to bring attention to a category which you would have never associate with these visuals. I am still not clear as to how it impacts the business aside from bringing attention to the brand. More about it here

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather

4. Toys Center: Jenga skills

An unexpected link drawn between our behaviour and Jenga.  

Toys Center Jenga

Agency: DDB, Chile

5. Volkswagen: car parking

Stretching the main benefit ( ‘As easy as…’) is a creative tool commonly used and it works very well here. 

Agency: DDB, Germany

6. JBL: headphones

A visually striking way to convey that JBL headphones can help you shut out the world. 

Agency: Cheil Worldwide

7. Alcoholics Anonymous

The apparently ‘confusing’ headline drives home the point that the Alcoholics Anonymous group are full of regular folks and not just ‘alcoholics’. 

Agency: JWT, Brazil

8. Der Tagesspiegel

This campaign has been shared on social media widely and the visually striking image makes it stand out from the clutter.  

Agency: Scholz & Friends

9. Getty Images

Makes you want to look away and that’s the power of a visual 

Agency: DDB, Argentina

10. Volkswagen: SUV

A campaign for an SUV which breaks the convention of showing rough terrain and the great outdoors. Loved the long copy. 

Agency: DDB, Germany

All images sourced from the Cannes Lions website and Ads of the World. Which one was your favourite? Comment in. 

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