Of advertising awards and entry submissions


At the outset, a disclaimer: I am not a veteran of judging creative award shows. I have not reached a stage in my career where I have ever been invited by major award shows to be a jury member. Of late, a few award shows have invited to be a part of their online jury where one is asked to rate award submissions on a few parameters. Based on this limited experience and general observations over...

Despite debates on costs & scams, advertising awards will thrive


Do award winning ads have a business impact? Should the ad industry be obsessed about awards? These are questions which pop up almost every year in the advertising & marketing industry. Aside from these, the debate around the prohibitive costs of sending entries to advertising award shows and scam work being awarded in such shows has been going around for years. Recently, Publicis Groupe said...

10 print and outdoor winners from #CannesLions 2017


News from Cannes Lions dominates the advertising world this time of the year. While ‘digital’ driven ideas get their fair share of attention I always look out for the traditional print and outdoor creatives which stand out. Here are a few which caught my eye in the Print and Outdoor categories (in no particular order): 1. AXA Health Insurance Nice combination of a headline which stops...

Scam ads and awards: an addiction with no fix


In the wake of some dodgy work being rewarded at Cannes, the old debate about scam ads has cropped up again. It is no secret that many agencies (barring a handful) actively seek to create work meant for awards. Such work has the following common characteristics: a likely social good cause, a relatively unknown association or group as ‘client’, a theme which will appeal to a jury made up mostly of...

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