Ceat bike tyres: ‘coz there are idiots out there

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Ah, ads for tyre brands. They are back. While the MRG Nylogrip ad is a regualr on TV, the other day I saw TVS Sri Chakra Tyres (a true blast from the past) back on the telly. Most of them dramatize the grip and break-ability with pretty much nothing to distinguish between brands. And in a low involvement category where the brand of bike maybe important but the brand of tyres not so, the ads are struggling for the big breakthrough.

In this context, I found the new Ceat bike tyre ads refreshingly different. Based on the insight that ‘the city roads are full of idiots’ there are 2 films in the campaign: phone and crossing. (I am sharing the links since even in this day of sharing everything, afaqs doesn’t offer the option of embedding videos from their site). The insight rings true – we’ve all experienced encounters with idiots like those portrayed and all of us believe that it’s the other person who is at fault while driving on the roads. I think work in a category where hitherto most communication has been inwardly focused stopping short of simply outlining the tyre’s attributes.

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