Fevicol: in search of sticky ideas

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Have you noticed that some of the old spots of Fevicol are back on air? This 2003 spot perhaps started the trend of conveying the brand promise of ‘sticks anything’. Fevikwik, with a ‘sticks in an instant’ proposition has also got its famous ‘fishing rod‘ commercial back.

While the strike rate of Fevicol has been fairly high (I loved the bus one and the kid wandering off), they’ve had some bouncers along the way. The Katrina Kaif one was mesmerizing but I thought it was a bit too esoteric. Speaking of esoteric, there were stuff meant for the international audience (read, awards jury) that got several metals.


The the last TVC was a bummer though – the aliens ad. Seemed as if the writer forgot that Fevicol sticks, not sucks. And ended up creating the reverse for the ad – it sucked and the brand did not stick.

No wonder they have brought back the classics. I guess when you have created a TV spot that is a landmark commercial for the category, it is difficult to repeat the success. But just as in movie sequels, one can’t help compare.

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  1. Mohan lal soni Reply

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  2. hey… I have an add concept for Fevicol. I don’t know how share…

    Below is the idea that I have…

    “A love pair is ready breakup and their shadows fall on a wall and they pass away. After few days when they accidentally meet again at the place where they broke-up saw they shocked to see their shadows looking each other on the wall. By looking to their shadows they recall their sweet memories and start loves each other.

    The reason why shadows stick on the wall is due to the ‘Favicol’ name on that wall…”

    Caption: Fevicol… Keeps bond stronger 🙂

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