Pantene Philippines: Labels Against Women – #WhipIt

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Double standards and gender bias are common at our workplaces when it comes to treatment of women. The same characteristics or personality traits which are seen as positive in men, could be seen as a negative trait in women. In the NCR region of Philippines (a country which has had two women Presidents), Panetene and Rappler (a social news network) surveyed men and women  regarding their views about the choices women make – like choosing family over work, taking care of their appearance, and occupying top positions in politics. The survey showed 70% of men thought women needed to downplay their personalities to be accepted. To highlight the gender bias, they hosted a forum called “#WHIPIT: Women beating the odds’.  Labels associated positively with men and how the same labels are attributed in a negative way to women were highlighted in the forum.


A new film for Pantene highlights such gender-bias and labelling of women. The core message is linked to the brand: taking time to look your best isn’t vanity; it’s appreciating your self-worth.

The wrap up ‘Be strong and shine’ links back to the brand promise of shine, nicely. I like.

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