Nutri Balance: bad food, bad dog. Good ad.

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I missed this campaign released during April’09 (must have featured in the ad blogs when I was away in ‘native place’) . Quite amazing how a story as complicated as ‘bad food makes bad dogs and when bad, they purposely misbehave’ can be told so evocatively in static media. Each ad has been crafted so well, that you tend to notice a new nuance every time.



nutribalancehusband Advertising Agency: Prolam Y&R Santiago, Santiago, Chile. Via: I Believe in Advertising

Did it sell more of the doggy dish? BTW, a search for Nutri Balance only yields results about the print ads, nothing about the brand. Hmm, fictitious stuff?

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  1. Loved them 🙂 especially the dog with the hand in his mouth…awesome..

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