Rediff homepage goes minimal, TV spot gets loaded

Pinterest LinkedIn Tumblr sports a minimal new look as of today. The design was being tested for some time in it’s India Abroad site.  Rediff has been an integral part of the internet user in India for some time now and it’s logo, the erstwhile look…have  been all too familiar for its users. Most of the users in their early-20s would have grown up with Rediff. It’s natural that when such a familiar brand goes for a revamp, it is bound to generate some backlash. It’s like your favourite cola changing it’s recipe. Some call it a backward step and others see it as a gamble.


I thought the earlier design gave you the impression that there was lots on offer and despite the diverse topics -from news to blogs to mail – one managed to find what one wants. The first impression of the site is that it is designed for a mobile.  When you click on the ‘more services’ button, you are taken to a page that looks like one of those shady sites that you navigate to when you’ve keyed in the wrong address of a popular site. In fact the mobile version of the site, shown through a prominent link on top, looks just right for the small screen. As of now it doesn’t look too good on the PC. Who knows, it may grow on us. But in terms of quick navigation, the new design adds a few more clicks. I clicked on an article under the business section – I recall the earlier design having so many options to click through to other sections or stories. No such luck here.

By the way, whoever said that content and ease of navigation don’t go hand in hand? There is so much to learn from the New York Times website on this score. And as an aside, can Rediff please hire 30 more Administrators and get them to monitor the reader comments. It’s full of asinine, lewd, crass,’i-am-writing this moronic message to get your attention’ stuff . I am surprised they are even put up on the site.

Rediff has also released a new TVC.  Read more about the ad and view it here. The computer graphics in it is awesome. The singing ducks and dancing elephants kept me riveted. When the logo appeared I could sense a huge disappointment in me. I guess as long as it entertains and drives home the brand name it’s job is done. Rediff doesn’t really need a TVC to drive traffic but such stuff is an attempt to make it way cool.

As an aside, have you noticed that the look and feel, the personality of all the Apple TV spots and the Apple website are the same? The residual image that the TVC, the web banners and all the Apple communication leaves behind is exactly the same on the Apple website. Such an approach subliminally cues a seamless approach to a brand’s visual identity. Can we say the same about the Rediff TVC? Is there a mismatch between the look and feel of the site and the visual communication on mass media?

What are your views on the Rediff homepage and the TVC?

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  1. The new look sucks.. I have been a rediff fan since it was launched.. I had a feeling that somebody robbed me off something. :(..
    Intrestingly, i never did click on any of other links, probably some photos / videos, than the one they have kept as bare minimum..
    This might look appealing for a new comer, but for people who have been used to the older ways will dislike.. I disliked even when at first they changed the format of news detail page few weeks back…
    Change is hard to go through.. even for such a trivial thing ..
    but, then i love rediff and will let them get off with this folly :D.

  2. I like the new look – tad Google inspired if you ask me. In any case the Rediff homepage was so stuffed earlier, you didn’t know where to look. As far as readers are concerned, they will settle into this in no time. No one wants everything, people will go to the content they seek.

  3. Though when it comes to looks, I thought the new look was seamless and a good improvement on the earlier look.

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