#DontLetHerGo, Temptations and more: creative ideas of the week

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Between bookmarked sites, Twitter and RSS feeds which showcase advertising, I come across many new creative ideas every week. As with advertising in real life, only a handful are memorable. Here are my picks for the week ending 12th August: Swachh Bharat, Temptations and more.

Swachh Bharat: #DontLetHerGo

Needless to say, a challenging task like cleaning up India, needs more than good ads to show results. It takes systemic change with government agencies, better garbage segregation, collection and recycling, change in mindset among all Indians — and a lot more. Advertising will continue to play an important role in creating awareness, education and change in mindsets. In that context, #DontLetHerGo is a welcome initiative to create awareness about the Swachh Bharat campaign. Firstly, the ad is noticeable – thus passing the most important test for any communication. It is quirky, intriguing and very unlike a government ad. It dramatises the old adage ‘cleanliness is next to godliness’ and creates a sense of apprehension and fear among the viewers.

There’s been comment in some quarters that this ad leaves out large parts of the country’s population with its religious slant. In my view, fear and shame are legitimate strategies when it comes to changing deep-rooted mindsets and habits. In Australia, TAC effectively used such strategies against drunk driving. The Swachh Bharat ad is likely to appeal to a large section of the population which hold such beliefs and faith; they can be expected to contribute to the problem the most and hence it is logical to address them. As the narrative in the ad explains, the inspiration seems to be from the adage ‘cleanliness is next to Godliness’ and the ad just gives a local touch. Such strategies have also been tried in Bangladesh where authorities used Arabic signs on walls to stop public urination. The logic: even though many in Bangladesh cannot read Arabic, the language is considered sacred because it is the language the Koran is written in. In any case, this is not the first or the only communication related to Swachh Bharat – I am sure there will be other strategies explored in the coming years. Now, will this ad be effective in changing behaviour? I feel is a small first step in changing mindsets (followed by behaviour) in getting people to think about cleanliness. Sure, the rational reason is one of health and hygiene – as cleanliness leads to reduced health costs in the long run. But an emotional approach is always more effective in such arguments.

Temptations: Treat Them Too

Next time you treat yourself, just don’t forget the cat, is the plea from Temptations, the pet food brand. The old music video style execution, the forlorn look of the cats and their crooning – are sure to get the ‘oh, so sweet’ respond from cat lovers.

Agency: adam&eveDDB

Golden Challenge: Bob Beamon

Smart idea from AB InBev to create this unbranded spot to buy a beer for anyone who break’s Bob Beamon’s 48-year old Olympic record in long jump.

Agency: CP+B

USA Swimming

‘Join the funnest sport there is’ says this spot from USA Swimming. Actual videos of sports stars when they were kids juxtaposed with audio commentary of their records & wins now, drives home the point that they were are just children before they were winners.

Agency: Colle+McVoy

Which one was your favourite?

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