#FiberFix, #LetgoCommercializer, #DeliverTheLove and more: creative ideas of the week

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Between bookmarked sites, Twitter and RSS feeds which showcase advertising, I come across many new creative ideas every week. As with advertising in real life, only a handful are memorable. Here are my picks for the week ending 19th August: #FiberFix, LetGo Commercializer and more.

1. FiberFix: product demo

While advertising is meant to sell a product, we often see ads where the product hardly plays a role. I love product-centric ads which sell the brand’s benefits in an entertaining, intelligent manner. Of late, Volvo did a fantastic job of demonstrating product benefits and executed them to suit the current advertising environment. Here is one such product-centric ad which takes a humorous route to sell a product. The great thing is that the brand is slap bang in the centre of the ad (and virtually in every frame) but the video still holds viewer attention.

Agency: Harmon Brothers

2. LetGo

How do you make it easy for consumers to sell their old stuff? Making an app is one thing and LetGo has done that. But they have beyond an app to create a tool which helps users make an ad for their item. Commercializer is a tool which allows users to insert their product in ‘professional’ ad. There are four commercial styles – shopping, pharma, 80s action and perfume. According to Adweek: ‘since rolling out the feature in April, CP+B reported that fans of the site are making over 10,000 custom videos each day and about 1.16 million total videos to date’. That’s fantastic.

LetGo Commercializer

The brand has separate commercials to promote the app. Here’s a funny one:

Agency: CP+B

3. Amazon India: #DeliverTheLove

In India, every festival or national holiday is an opportunity for brands to ride piggy back and derive mileage. Some are way off the mark in terms of relevance as the brand fit is a stretch. With Raksha Bhandan, some categories have a natural fit and e-commerce is one of them. The ads from brands during this festival have cliches like sibling rivalry or squabble, though there have been a few standouts. One can add the new Amazon India to the list as it is bold, relevant and devoid of the category cliches. Most importantly it has a powerful insight at its heart which is very Indian. Loved the casting and acting too.

Agency: Ogilvy

UPDATE: Came across a few more interesting creatives after I published the post. Here are a few of them:

4. Sport Chek: Chase the Gear

Canadian retailer Sport Chek is organising a live event on Aug 19 in Toronto with an interesting broadcast component: Facebook Live. The deal? Users can ‘chase’ Canada’s NHL legend and some famous athletes at a Toronto park to win some gear. The event can be followed on Facebook Live too where viewers can win prizes of their own. Apparently, this was an outcome of a Facebook hackathon in Cannes.

Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day New York

5. Rushcard: Make Moves

The film is meant to challenge people’s tendency to judge someone and bracket them based on the colour of their skin and clothing. A simple flick of the phone from portrait to landscape view changes our view and perceptions.


Agency: Narrative

6. Canal Plus: Goal

A fun way to communicate ‘more than 15 sports channels’ – hence, ‘non-stop sports’.

Agency: BETC, Paris

Which one was your favourite? Comment in.

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