Titan ‘The Joy of Giving’: the joy of simplicity

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A new ad for Titan, titled ‘The joy of giving’ is doing the rounds on Facebook. While ‘gifting’ as a platform is not new to Titan (remember the Aamir Khan/Zohra Sehgal ad and others?) but somehow do not recall a ‘gift’ themed ad for the last couple of years. The ‘gifting’ platform is a natural fit for Titan (as are other categories, of course) can make for great ‘tugging at the heartstrings‘ kind of commercials. Which is exactly what the new Titan ad does.

Agency: Ogilvy, Bangalore
Production House: Nirvana Films

What works is the sheer simplicity of the idea and execution. The ‘signature tune’ makes it uniquely ‘Titan’ too. I loved the casting  – the professor seemed a natural and he was brilliant during the moment he opens the gift…it appeared as if it was happening in real life. Another winner from Titan this year.

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