Hrithik Roshan for Cinthol

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Godrej has signed up Hrithik Roshan for Cinthol. This is a brand that attempts to convey confidence as a brand promise. The latest ad featuring Hrithik’s torsos and biceps is out.

The ad urges you to run for life, climb, glide, breathe and jump. I am serious. The corny copy apart, this is a well-executed film full of gloss and is likely to make Cinthol look contemporary. The range (deos, talcs) with nice new graphics is also shown in the last frame. I was curious to see if they have a website. They do and its an apology of a website. It’s again an example of an opportunity missed. With the idea of ‘confidence’- it can be taken forward to a true ‘surround’ idea. I guess the debate would have been about how many of our audience are net savvy? Hmmm.

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