Union Bank of India: it works again!

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The second film in the Union Bank of India series is out. This too drives home the point that others share your dreams. And this is said in a cute little story about a little girl and a ‘sone ke daant‘ (golden tooth).  A bit over the top and it could have gone all wrong (like in the AIG ad where the kid comes to dad’s office with a one rupee coin – you want to just slap him, right?). This ad is sweet but not sugary, syrupy sweet.

Since the efforts made by others to ‘fulfill’ your dreams are believable the proposition does not sound pompous. Usually, ‘we share your dreams’ kind of thought ends up that way. On a related note, I quite liked the copy in the print ads too.

UnionBank 2.jpg

The double-barrelled approach would appeal to both the older & younger generation. It would make the younger generation agree with the way parents are and would make parents empathize with what they have done for their children.

Amidst the recent re-branding efforts of PSU banks, this should rate as the best.

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  1. Great dude. I was looking for this video for a week. It is really cute. 🙂
    And I totally agree with your AIG slap thing !.

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