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Ads with a huge production budget usually create a jaw dropping effect. They could make you smile (Carlton’s ‘It’s a big ad’) or dazzle you with the production values (many of the Guinness as or the Super Bowl ads). They evoke some reaction.

There is an ad that’s on the Indian TV screens whose production and media budget must be equal to the GDP of a small country. Yet, it left me cold. Any guesses on which TVC I am referring to?

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  1. No, not BIG. This is similar to a old Madhuri Dixit number. Maybe my post’s headline was misleading.

  2. Obviously the pain reliever is not having the desired effect !! Have commented on this earlier in your blog.

  3. Oh yeah. My cousin and my wife didn’t understand what the ad meant! And when i explained them, they asked why do you people (since I was an advertising) spend so much to make things complicated? I am not very sure on the production costs involved in this but Happydent had a far simpler and has more recall value.

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