Sanjaya and Nationwide: life does come at you fast

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Remember Sanjaya Malakar? American Idol made him a star though he was mocked about his talent (or lack of it). Simon Cowell even threatened to quit if Sanjaya won the competition. But he managed to move 13-year olds to tears on television and simply smiled through all the barbs. You couldn’t help wonder at his luck and the fact he was literally propelled into stardom from nowhere.

Nationwide Insurance, which sees South Asians an an important group have released new ads featuring Sanjaya. The link: a perfect fit with the brand’s claim – ‘Life comes at you fast’.

If you want to Sanjaya-ize yourself, there is help at hand too. Check out the other ads targeting the South Asian community, head over here.

What I liked about this campaign: people do believe that unexpected things happen in life and you need to be prepared for it. And Sanjaya is living proof. A tactical & strategic fit.

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  1. Shawn, thanks for dropping by. Just curious – there must be hundreds of blogs mentioning this campaign. Do you scan all of them? And keep track through Google Alerts/SEO tools?

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