Tata Sky and visual mnemonics

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The other day, when stuck at a traffic signal, my daughter shouted out: ‘Mummy, Tata Sky!’. Sure enough there was the Aamir Khan-Tata Sky hoarding close by. Given that my daughter will turn 3 this November, I could not help but wonder (and be scared) at the power of visual imagery.


I swear that I have not specifically taught my daughter anything to do with Tata Sky advertising. She has of course gaped at the TV screen when the Aamir man-woman commercial is on and I may have mentioned the brand name aloud in passing. I have no clue how she associated the hoarding with the brand.

Much has been written about the Aamir Khan TVC. He has done a fantastic job and lifted the script to another level. It works because of its strong visual mnemonics. Almost all the ads we like are embedded in our heads with a visual reference. But I am sure they would not have imagined impacting a 3-year old too! If the power of visuals have this influence at this age, imagine the situation few years from now. Should I be the proud papa or scared-as-hell papa?

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