Seen and noted: beautiful ads for @bookculture from @YRNY

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Some ads set you thinking long after you have glanced and digested the message. A new for campaign for a New York book shop, Book Culture is doing the rounds of ad blogs. The ad gets your attention with intriguing visuals alright but what holds your attention and sets you thinking is the central idea: Imagination got there first. The ads show case books, whose themes were precursors to major global event years after the original book was published. An ad highlights the book, ‘From the Earth to the Moon‘ by Jules Verne was published in 1865 while the actual moon landing happened in 1969.





Agency: Y&R, New York

What works is that the ads have an appeal to both serious book lovers and the casual reader of books. To the former it reaffirms their love for books – makes them feel good about their habit. To the casual reader who may or may not have read the books featured in the campaign, it is likely to make them curious and find out more. Maybe even become an avid reader of books.

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