Dé VakantieDiscounter, BMW 7 Series and more: compelling creative ads of the week

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‘When the world zigs, zag’ is a rather famous work philosophy of BBH. In travel, food, auto & fashion there unwritten codes which almost dictate how a category ad should look like. This last I came across a travel ad which looked nothing any other travel ad (yet relevant) and a few more.

Dé VakantieDiscounter: Holiday Cartoon

Most travel and tourism ads are about evoking a desire to travel to the destination being advertised. Usually, breathtaking montage of visuals do the trick. But that’s what majority of travel brands resort to (no pun intended). But Dé VakantieDiscounter (Holiday Discounter), a travel agency is different. ‘We like to brighten your day with our holidays as well as our ads’ says the CEO on the approach to these quirky, fun holiday vignettes – inspired by the cartoons. Loved the way the final voice over is tweaked depending on the situation.

Agency: Philip & Hugo

BMW 7 Series model: luxury private jet

Now this one is the quintessential automobile ad – complete with closeups of the interiors, a full view of the car as it speeds along, drawing attention of the viewer to certain highlights etc. But this one is still riveting as there is a nice set up created. A man is denied permission to fly his luxury private jet and he opts for the next best thing – a spin in the BMW 7 Series model.

Agency: Serviceplan

BT: Set your internet free

Great broadband and data speeds promises viewers all the entertainment they want, when they want. This idea leads to an interesting mix of genres coming together in one – sports, court room dramas, alien stories and more. AT&T has done that very well in the US. Now BT brings it alive in UK with the promise of wifi in every room.

Agency: AMV BBDO

Did I miss out on anything else which was cool? Do comment in.

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