MP Tourism makes eyes at you

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The Hindustan ka dil dekho (See the heart of India) ad from MP Tourism was clutter-breaking in its execution. The new ad continues from where it left off with an execution that is unlike typical tourism ads. The vignettes of the state are suggested through a pair of eyes. I found the execution riveting.

The lyrics:

Hindustan Ka Dil Dekha

Bandar dekha, haathi dekha.
Barahsingha, aur cheetal dekha.

Mowgli ke jungleon mein,
Sher Khan ko dekha.

Pachmarhi Satpura ka ajooba,
Bhopal lake mein suraj dooba.

Mandu ka jahaz mahal,
Aur marble ka pahad dekha.

Mahakaal mandir mein pooja,
Photo khicha jaake Orcha.

Gwalior ke kile mein bhatka,
Khajuraho ne de diya jhatka.

Dhim tana dhi re na… nadir…

Purvajon ko milne jule,
Jaa bahita mein Bhimbhetka.

Train ki chik chuk sunte,
Aa pahucha mein Sanchi stupa.

Sanchi ki shanti mein,
Khudke aandar jhaak ke dekha.

Hindustan ka dil dekha.
Hindustan ka dil dekha.

The heart of Incredible India.

Thanks to Soumyadip.

Without actually showing the places, it conveys that there’s lots to see and do in Madhya Pradesh. I like.

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  1. Riveting is the word. I loved the earlier film as well.
    P.S. This media player you have installed is a tad over-branded 🙂

  2. hey Rahul, couldn’t find the ad on YouTube. This is an embed code from Blip.Tv – yup, over branded!

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