John Lewis does it again with their Christmas advert: #MontyThePenguin

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And John Lewis does it again with their Christmas advert. It is yet another tugging-at-your-heartstrings story – this time, of a young boy and his Arctic pet, Monty the Penguin. It showcases the fun-filled adventures those two have but the mood takes a distinct turn, when the yearning Monty has for a loved one is conveyed. That moment in the film is so memorable – you wonder how they got a penguin (animated nevertheless) to connect with the audience so well. It all leads up to the big day, Christmas, where there is a happy ending.

Agency: adam&eveDDB
The music is ‘Real Love’ performed by Tom Odell, the original song was written by John Lennon.

Like last year, there are other ‘surround’ things to go with the campaign idea: a Twitter handle for Monty The Penguin, a story telling app for iPad and Android, Monty’s Den at each of the John Lewis shops, Monty’s googles (‘explore ‘Monty’s Christmas’ in an amazing 360º panoramic world’), adopt a penguin program and of course, soft toys.

Some might say it is formulaic in that all the time-tested ingredients of a typical ‘Christmas story’ (common to some Hollywood movies too) are present, like they were in so many of the Christmas adverts from big retail brands from UK. But that’s OK. Fact is, these ads have worked like gangbusters. They get everyone emotionally involved, evoke that feel-good feeling and generally get you in a happy mood. What’s more the act of shopping is central to these ads. What more can big retail want. Hats off to adam&eveDDB for doing it again.

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