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Volkswagen, @Maersk, @DisneyIndia and more: 12 compelling creative ads of the week


Every day hundreds of commercial messages are targeted at each one of us. However, only a handful are noticed and an even small number is remembered. Here are a few compelling creative ads which caught my eye during the past week. Volkswagen: a new mission The 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing saw several brands trying to forge an association. Many of them were force fits and seem to be done...

Don’t Get Robbed by Your Bank, @HaloTopCreamery and more: top creative ads of the week


Just as last week, there were some rich pickings in creative ads this week too. A refreshing new perspective on banking services, a hilarious execution to position ‘ice cream for adults’ and more. Axos Bank: Banker Robbers Bank robberies are situations one is familiar with thanks to movies and ads. Here’s an ad with turns that scenario on its head portraying bankers as robbers...

Honda Civic, One Show and more: 6 fun creative ads of the week


Every day we come across hundreds of commercial messages. But only a handful are noticed and recalled. Here are a few memorable creative ads from last week. 1. Great Western Railway:  adventure continues Last year, GWR launched a campaign which was given a visual treatment like the Famous Five. The idea is taken forward this year too in a new ‘adventure’. The story conveys a product...

Stabilo highlighter, KFC ‘Neymar’ and more: 9 top creative ads of the week


Hundreds of commercial messages compete for our attention every day. But very few can be called creative ads – they are usually the ones which get noticed (the first pass of any communication). Here are a few which caught my last week: 1. Stabilo: highlight the remarkable Over the years, the category of highlighters have seen many creative expressions to dramatise the generic benefit of the...

11 great creative ads of the week: #MozTheMonster, #LoveTheBear, #YouShall and more


Every day we come across hundreds of commercial messages. Only a handfulare memorable. Here are a select few which caught my eye, the week ending 10th November, 2017. 1. John Lewis: Moz the Monster It’s that time of the year when ‘big retail’ – the famous brick & mortar chains of UK, launch their Christmas campaigns. These set of ads seem to be the Super Bowl of UK...

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