Britannia corporate campaign: what was that about ships & the night?

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The new Britannia corporate campaign has been on for over two months now and hence is not really ‘new news’. It’s all over the place in television and outdoor. However, my guess is that the campaign hasn’t created a buzz. In my opinion, both the objective and the execution were fuzzy. If it’s about getting people to reinforce a belief about Britannia, that does not come through. If it is about getting them to look at Britannia in a new light, that is not clear either.

‘Zindagi mein life’ is such a wannabe. The attempt to get the goose flesh going with a montage of visuals and a stirring song or verse is so overdone. And the effort shows in the portrayal of sugary sweet characters. VIP’s ‘Kal bhi, aaj bhi’ and scores of others have done it before and done it well. And the line is so far removed from an everyday habit like biscuits. Wonder how the effectiveness of this campaign will be measured?

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