New HDFC ad: sequel trouble?

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Ever since they stumbled upon the ‘Sar uthake jiyo’ (not to be confused with the earlier Coke baseline: Sir, uthake piyo) idea, the strike rate of the HDFC ads have been pretty good. The very first ad which introduced the concept was very filmi and did not extract the full potential of the idea. And there were a string of ads (Papa, Cycle and the Singapore trip and Tulika) which were popular and endearing.

And then I saw a new ad for the same brand – this one was about Papa telling his son that even if he is lost (Papa, not the son) he will buy him a new remote for his toy car. Meh. The insight and relevance of the earlier Papa ads seem totally absent here. Or am I not ‘getting’ a big point?

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  1. The new HDFC ad in this series is plain crap. Its poorly thoughtout and even worse is its execution. I just hate it!

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