Ballantine’s T-Shirt OS: new media leaves an impression

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It’s billed as the world’s first wearable, sharable, programmable T-shirt. It can connect to the internet through an iOS app, display your tweets on your T-shirt and more. Cool concept.

See the T-shirt in action here (1.3mn views as of date). Partner: Cute Circuit

What’s this got to do with a whiskey brand, you ask? Ballantine’s tag line ‘Leave an Impression’ may give an answer. It’s a tenuous link, but a link that takes forward the brand summation in new media. And the beauty of such work is that it gets talked about, shared and the marketer’s hope is that it will make the brand cool. Or cooler. Detractors of new media will ask the question: will such activity sell the brand more? The answer to that can only be related to the objective set out. Are such efforts meant for the brand to be talked about and make the potential consumer feel a wee bit more ‘cooler’? In other words, ‘leave an impression’. What’s your view?

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