TAC #Homesafely: a road safety outdoor campaign that taps into Social Media

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We have all seen those ‘Don’t drink & drive’ banners especially during New Year’s revelry. Sadly, such an important message has been reduced to a bland, wallpaper which most people simply ignore. In Australia, the Traffic Accident Commission which has done some great, effective advertising over the years has launched ‘Homesafely‘ a new, social-media powered outdoor & radio campaign. How does it work?

TAC is donating over 233,000 advertising spaces to the Victorian community. Remind someone you know to drive #Homesafely, with a personalised billboard near where they live or a message played on the radio.

Create a message for someone you care about on the microsite. Choose where and when it appears. Share and track your message. Have your message seen on a specified billboard or heard on radio.

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Agency: Naked Communications, Melbourne

Twitter users can participate by attaching the #homesafely ‘hashtag’ to their personalised message. The campaign will be run through the Twitter handle @TACHomesafely.

What I liked was not just the scope for personalisation but a fair amount of control on when & where your message will appear.

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