How one man and Social Media can change brand perceptions: #FitchTheHomeless

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Many moons ago, I owned a pair of Abercrombie & Fitch jeans. I didn’t know much about the brand’s background or heritage save for the fact it was a ‘foreign’ brand and largely had positive feelings about it.  The fact that the jeans were comfortable helped the ‘cool brand’ perception.

Thanks to @ideasmaverick I came across this story about a statement made by the CEO of A&F that he doesn’t want fat women and uncool kids wearing his brand. Obviously the statement has come under fire. But the best response yet is perhaps from @GregKarber who wants to ‘remake the A&F brand’. His idea: #FitchTheHomeless – a social media campaign to get people to donate their A&F clothing to the homeless.

That’s a brilliant and hard-hitting video and ‘campaign idea’. It’s probably too early to say if the campaign gains momentum. But it reminds brands yet again to be careful of what they say & do, as there is no ‘delete’ button on the Internet. And the wave can turn into a tsunami in no time.

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