Oreo’s #Wonderfilled and the new advertising

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Contrary to popular belief, the good old 30-seconder is not dead. Television still plays an important role in marketing (even in the developed world) and there is certainly a role for the traditional 30-seconder. But what is interesting is how an alternate audio-visual medium is emerging in the form of YouTube, the resultant social media sharing and new platforms like Vine. The latter is not replacing the former but complementing the mass media efforts of a brand.

Agency: The Martin Agency

Over at the Martin Agency’s website, the intro to the brand communication says:

Wonderfilled, focuses on the positive change in perspective the simple act of sharing an Oreo can create, tapping into the universal human feeling of wonder. The ability to wonder is something we all share, but too often forget or ignore. Wonderfilled captures the feeling that kids are naturally so good at, yet adults need to be reminded of: a sense of wonder in the world.

Some of the aspects of the campaign which were stand-outs for me were: (a) the universal appeal (beyond just kids) of the central idea (b) the creation of buzz around the brand without the use of traditional mass media television and (c) increasing the ‘like-ability’ of the brand and furthering its big-brand, iconic status.

Any comments, views?

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