Land Rover ads from the Gulf: idea & craft come together

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Over the last few years years, a new campaign for Land Rover is created by Y&R Dubai every year and each one of them has gone on to win major advertising awards globally. Each one of them is rooted in an idea and executed to perfection. This year’s campaign is no different:

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Agency: Y&R, Dubai. Photographer: James Day (who also shot this interesting campaign for Sunday Times).

Among the previous year’s campaigns, these two were stand outs for me:

A copy based campaign which ‘personifies’ places, captured in the tag line: ‘meet interesting places’.

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And this one is perhaps the most celebrated of the Land Rover-Y&R Dubai campaigns and deservedly so. Loved the idea, the research and the painstaking execution.

LR Animals Board A2 LR Animals Board A2 LR Animals Board A2 LR Animals Board A2

I am not sure if these are agency ‘initiated’ campaign ideas (if you know what I mean) but need to be applauded nevertheless. This and some other work from Y&R Dubai are pointers to the fact that the Gulf countries are far ahead of India when it comes to print advertising execution. What say?

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  1. may have been agency initiated and client approved – but most definitely done for awards. (especially, since they’re too “intelligent” for dubai! :-))

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