Stop using a Mac: awesome online ad

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Maybe as a counter to the new Microsoft ‘I am a PC’ ads, Apple has upped the visibility of its online work. In another edition of ‘going beyond the web banner’. The first ad directly pitted Leopard against Vista. This one takes a cue from the growing public opinion in the US that people are switching to Mac in large numbers.

You can see the earlier banner ads here.

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  1. Just so you know, this particular advert has been out for a while now; so no, Apple didn’t release them to counter Microsoft’s ‘I’m a PC’ campaign. I’m not even sure it needs any countering. Just like the Mojave experiment, all Microsoft is doing here is acknowledging it that they’re being left behind and trying to force it upon consumers that it’s their fault that they forgot their priorities. Microsoft just basically came out and said that Apple matters and that they’re scared of the progressive strides the little Cupertino company is making. It’s a sad situation, really.

  2. Agreed that the online ad may not be a response to the Microsoft ads. But I think it pays for that sting to be around when the internet is full of the I am a PC ads. Having said I have a sneaking suspicion that we will soon a see a new ad from Apple in the Get a Mac ads that poke fun at the Windows ads directly. After all, when the leader has acknowledged that a smaller competitor is a worthy one, why let the opportunity slip by?:)

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