The Economist India ads: clever or boring?

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By now you must have seen the familiar red & white hoardings of The Economist in India. It’s tagline ‘Interpret the World’ captures the inherent duality across life, politics and business. There is much more to an issue than what is immediately apparent, is the idea.


They have now followed this up with a TVC using ‘print in motion’ – a more sophisticated technique than our old static slides as TV ads.

Rest of the ads are here.

While these convey the message that The Economist goes beyond the obvious and in turn sets the viewer thinking, I feel they miss out on one of the key ingredients of the global Economist ads -wit & charm. The classic Economist ads brought a smile to your face while conveying the same thought as the above. Agree or diasgree?

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  1. i had an argument about the economist ads with my CDs. both of them didn’t understand these ads. and they were arguing about how these are so obscure while the originals like management trainee, age 42 were easy to understand. but i think you nailed it when you made your point about wit and charm. i fully agree with you that while the indian ones may have raised an understanding eyebrow, none of them brought a smile. i only hope that someone at the economist noticed this glaring omission.

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