Want to go to Cannes? Here’s how to convince the bean counters

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I quite like this initiative from the organizers of the Cannes Advertising Festival. Worried about the number of participants this year, they have created the Ignite your CFO initiative which provides specific, practical ways to cut costs related to attending the festival. Sample:

Get a local SIM card and avoid roaming charges. At the registration desks in Cannes, Com and Call can help delegates with this.
Use the free Wi-Fi in the Microsoft Advertising Cyber Lounge on
Level +1 of the Palais des Festivals.

There are more tips (with specific action from the organizers – there’s a Cannes Lions meeting point at the airport, where you can find other people to share a taxi with), a 20% discount on air tickets, through a promo code and even a detailed listing of pubs & bars by budget.

I guess we can learn a lot from this kind of preparation, communication and meticulousness, when it comes to our own ad festivals.

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