Thank you mom campaign: thank you, P&G & W+K

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This is classic P&G marketing. As part of the 2010 Winter Olympics campaign, Procter & Gamble did not simply stop at sponsoring the US Olympic team. It has launched a Thank You, Mom programme, based on the insight that ‘celebrates that special person in the lives of Team USA athletes who supports their child selflessly to help them succeed’. Brilliant. It includes a TV commercial which sums up the ideas as ‘to their moms they will always be kids’.

Agency: W+K, Portland

And the programme is not simply about making a 60-second TV commercial. It will ‘defray the cost of travel and accommodations, allowing moms to support the athletes in person during the Games’. The website serves as a hub for mom blogs, tweets, Thank You messages, videos and photos. According to the W+K blog, the agency also designed the Procter & Gamble ‘Family Home’, a meeting place for athletes and families to watch events, eat, and pick up tickets.

Nice universal insight and campaign ideas which don’t just pay lip service to thanking moms. Loved it.

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  1. Anyone know where to buy the "stars and stripes" hats that the kids are wearing in the commercial?

  2. I am also looking for those hats. What a great commercial and a great hat. We live in the Salt Lake area and since the 2002 olympics and the "Roots" hats we are now in the business of collecting winter olympic hats.

  3. The hats do say polo on the side of them but, I can't find them on their website. If anyone has any luck finding these please let us know.

  4. I hate this commercial. It shouldn't say "Thank you, Mom" It should say, "Thank you, Parents" Why do commercials insist on being gender specific. What happened to all the Dad's who sacrificed their lives to get their kids to where they are, those who drove their child from Seattle to Vancouver like Apolo's DAD did. Why are we only sayig, "Thank you Mom"

    P&G you really dropped the ball on this one

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