Max New York Life: awara gardi

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Saw this ad for Max New York Life Insurance at home amidst the cacophony of a typical living room: kid playing in the background, me surfing the net on the laptop and ambient street sounds of a Bangalore neighbourhood. While the ad interested me, at the ‘moment of truth’ what I understood as the ad’s central message was exactly the opposite of what it meant to convey. I missed the VO which says something to the effect of, ‘when you have money and time, awaara gardi is understandable. I interpreted the husband to be a-useless after-retirement sort of guy and hence is being reprimanded by his wife. Watch the ad here.

I saw the ads on the internet without distraction and quite liked the central thought. A good retirement plan allows you to do spontaneous things without the burden of work life – as implied by the taunts the father gives his son. Did they have to portray the mother as being so dismissive and strident? The wedding invite one works better than the ‘out partying’ one for me.

Max New York Life Pension Plans from Campaign India on Vimeo.

I think the setting and characters will appeal to those already retired or on the verge of retirement. Will it appeal to those in the prime of their careers?

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